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Job Week 2017

Job Bank Update

“Job Week instills in our young people an appreciation of the dignity of labour and the value of hard work. It is about developing values in our Scouts so that they become better leaders & citizens of our world”

  • Job Week 2017 will be held from 11 - 17 March 2017 (during the March school holidays).

  • Scouts encouraged to seek our jobs from friends and neighbours to raise funds for the movement in Singapore.

    • Money earned is split between HQ, South Area and ACS(BR) Scout Group.

    • Provides funding for programmes for current and future members.

  • Job Week earnings to be collected and recorded in the Job Week Card. To be turned over to the Scout Leaders by 25 March 2017.

Parents/Guardians, Get Involved!

  • Encourage your son/ward to take the initiative and look for jobs early. Jobs from family & friends are generally better and safer than jobs obtained going door-to-door.

  • Help to source for jobs for your son/ward and his friends. Job Week is meant to prepare Scouts for the real work in the future. More exposure is better.

Some Important Notes:

  • Safety first at all times! Know your own limits and be careful of mother nature!

  • If going door-to-door:

    • Always move around with at least one buddy. Never alone. Look out for each other.

    • Wear Full Uniform in public. You may change out when doing a job.

    • Keep your Patrol Leader and/or parents updated as to your whereabouts.

    • Bring your own water bottle. Avoid accepting food and beverage from strangers.

  • Clarify job requirements before accepting. Decline jobs that are too difficult or unsafe.

  • Do not ask for donations (Job Week, not “donation week”). But if offered, graciously accept.

  • In case of an emergency, call the police (999), civil defence (995), your PL and leaders.

  • Be careful with the money you receive. Do not lose it!

  • If you lose your Job Week Card, inform your Patrol Leader immediately.

    • You do not need to make a police report. But you must fill up a lost card report.

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