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Troop Camp 2017

Overview & Background

ACS(BR)’s school campus, and many school campus’ in Singapore, do not afford the luxury of natural spaces for outdoor camping. At least once a year, the ACS(BR) Scout Group makes it a point to organize an outdoor camp of adventurous nature, with an emphasis on practicing Scouting Skills in a naturesque environment.

With the initiation of the South-West Area Camp 2017, the ACS(BR) Scout Group warmly invites Scout Units interested in joining our programme to be a part of the camp experience.

Key Details

Dates: Saturday - Tuesday, 27 May 2017 - 30 May 2017
Start Time: 8am
End Time: 3pm
Reporting & Dismissal Venue: ACS(BR)
Camp Venue: Sarimbun Scout Campsite


  1. Discover the challenges of camping in a natural setting.
  2. Apply Scouting Skills such as:
    • Camping Outdoors
    • Outdoor Cooking
    • Orienteering
    • Knots & Pioneering
  3. Forge new Scouting friendships within and outside the unit.

What To Expect

  • Promise & Law - All campers and camp staff will be held to the highest standard of the Scout Promise & Law as guiding principles for values & conduct.
  • Team System - Campers will be organized into structured patrols to maximise opportunities to lead, be lead and to participate in team decision making.
  • Learning by Doing - Campers can expected to participate fully in a variety of activities. Without direct instruction, campers are expected to do their best.
  • Personal Progression - The camp avails a non-competitive environment where campers are free to explore, learn and grow at their own pace.
  • Nature - The natural elements will provide its own challenges and solutions. Campers will be encouraged to adapt and learn to love the natural world.
  • Symbolic Framework - The camp is themed around the contemporary fantasy of “surviving an apocalypse”. Campers are encouraged to use their imagination.
  • Adult Support - Adult leaders will be around throughout the camp to assist and guide campers.

Camp Preparation

This section follows the preparation work of Patrol 10, a fictional patrol. Patrols may use Patrol 10's work as a template for their own planning and preparation.

Discussion 1: 30 March 2017

  • Camp concept & details were shared. Individual campers' questions and concerns were answered in detail.
  • Checked who would be attending the camp and distributed planning tasks to each of the attending campers. The tasks were:
    • Planning Campsite / Logistics
      • Decide on big logistics (e.g. tents & shelters)
      • Decide on layout
      • Source for logistics (e.g. store, from someone or need to purchase)
    • Planning Camp Gadgets / Logistics
      • Decide on gadgets to make
      • Create list of logistics required
      • Source for logistics
    • Planning Camp Kitchen / Logistics
      • Decide on what equipment needed for kitchen (e.g. utensils)
      • Accommodate stove or tommy cooker
      • Plan for possible menu (as decided by main camp committee)
      • Source for logistics
  • Campers were directed to prepare their individual tasks and to present on it at the next discussion. 

Check-In: 3 April 2017

  • Prepared the preliminary campsite layout and equipment requirements.
  • Prepared the draft kitchen equipment list and sourced for first aid kit replenishing. 
  • Visited Decathlon to look at prices and equipment. 
  • Discussion meeting scheduled for 5 April 2017 to plan forwards.